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‘…evocative, dreamy, dark and dynamic…’ – The Wire (UK)

".....hypnotic and fascinating...a decidedly eloquent message...' - Rockshock (Italy)

'...very choice chords...delightful melancholy...electronic mastery...a witty, literate album...' - Electronic Sound Magazine (UK)

‘…elegant instrumentals of enigma and disquiet, in parts it’s equally suggestive of Twin Peaks’ – Q Magazine (UK)



 ‘gifted with a plethora of imagination and ideas. top pick’ – babysue (USA)



‘such warmth, such style, such bliss’ – Mark Moore, QX magazine (UK)


 ‘everything is perfectly placed, perfectly timed, without any hint of pretension’ – Plastelin (Serbia)


 ‘…an enigmatic work of considerable beauty’ – Terrascope (UK)


‘so original, it unquestionably seems years ahead of its time’ – Mojophenia (UK)


 ‘as if the Rat Pack had been abducted by the New Romantics’ – Crawdaddy! (USA)

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